Changed Law as to Happy Hours

There has been a beneficial change in the Liquor Code regarding happy hours which is now in effect as of June 28, 2011.  The time periods for “happy hours” in which a retail licensee may discount the price of alcoholic beverages has been expanded from two (2) hours to four (4) hours per day, but the maximum number of the happy hours are not to exceed fourteen (14) hours per week. Continue reading

BYOB, Happy Hour, and Keg Storage


I have a restaurant with a liquor license. I do not allow customers to bring their own wine bottles (BYOB) into the restaurant. A customer insists that I legally must allow a customer to bring their own wine to my restaurant. I do not want to start the BYOB practice.

You are not legally required to allow customers to bring their own alcohol to your restaurant. There is nothing in the Liquor Code or the Liquor Board’s regulations that would prohibit you from preventing customers from bringing their own alcohol to your restaurant. Licensees may establish their own policy or rules as to the BYOB practice. What you may not legally do would be to apply your BYOB prohibition rule in a way that would result in unlawful discrimination. An example would be a rule that prohibits males from bringing in their own wine, while allowing women to do so at the same time.

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