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Q: How long must I store my beer and liquor invoices on my restaurant premises? Did the new liquor act change this?

A: licensee must maintain or store its business records on its licensed premises for a period of only the most recent six (6) months. This provision was not changed with the passage of Act 39, which was effective August 8, 2016. Examples of business records are, State Liquor Store invoices and invoices for purchases of malt or brewed beverages. The records may be removed from the licensed premises only for a “lawful business purpose” and then promptly returned to the licensed premises. An example of a lawful business purpose would be the delivery of business records to an accountant for tax purposes.

You however must still keep the records that are between six months and two years old, but these records can be stored at a location other than the licensed premises. These older records must be able to be returned to your licensed premises within 24 hours should the State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement demand to see them.