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Q: I run a happy hour promotion in my bar for three straight hours from 5:00P.M. to 8:00P.M. For those three hours I never change the prices of the drinks. All drinks in the place are sold at a reduced price throughout the three hours. I now want to lower the prices during the third hour to keep the customers in my place. Can I legally lower the prices? Or can I change the drink size to a bigger glass the last hour and charge the same price as the previous two hours?

A: No, you legally cannot change your drink prices at any time during your “happy hour” which lasts for the three consecutive hours. Nor can you change the drink size so to provide an increased volume for the same price. The regulations of the Liquor Board specifically prohibit licensees from changing their drink prices or the size of the drink within the “happy hour” period. Once you set your price, or the size of the drink you must stick with it for the duration of the “happy hour” promotion.