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Q: Our social club has a club liquor license. The club’s charter contains a purpose clause stating that we are to be involved in civic purposes and provide for lectures from local politicians, as well as being a social club. Our bylaws state the same purpose. Our club has not had any type of civic activities for the past ten years, is this a problem?   

A: Yes, there is a problem for your club. The  regulations of  the PLCB strictly require a club to comply with the provisions of its own charter, or constitution,  and the bylaws. Since, your club must follow the provisions in your charter and bylaws the club must be involved in some civic purpose.

You should quickly schedule some type of civic activities or lectures. However if this is not possible or desirable, your club should simply amend its charter and bylaws to delete any references to the civic purpose or lectures. Once you provide for the civic activities, or you change the charter and bylaws, the club would then be in compliance with its charter and or bylaws.